At FOX Sports I am a Final Cut Pro editor and Smoke artist. I work on everything from 15 second bumps to 30 sec promos to 6 min features.

This section will focus on pieces that I cut. I will update this section with the different pieces I work on throughout the year.

This year I was privileged to cut, color correct, and create graphics for pieces that aired during the Superbowl and were seen by over one hundred million people.

Auto Addiction for SPEED

Auto Addiction was a 1hr Pilot for SPEED. It was originally pitched as "car-ol-o-gy" and was produced by erthbound entertainment producer Jeffery Willerth. I was 1 of 2 editors on the show.

To the right I have the "Open" to the show which includes the first act. To the right of the open is a section of a "test track" segment that I cut as well.

I was also the pipeline coordinator that worked with the producers on how we would logistically produce the show if it went to series. I also conceptualized and created all the graphics, titles and lower thirds for the show.

"Bermuda Triangle" for The History Channel

"Bermuda Triangle" was the highest rated show on The History Channel when it originally aired. I was the supervising editor and Visual Fx Supervisor. I cut the opening to the show and set the editing style for the rest of the show.

I had 3 other editors, an assistant, and 3 compositors working for me. We cut and finished a 2 hour special in 4 weeks.

As the vfx supervisor, I was on set while shooting the pilots on green screen. I took all the photos for the planes' textures and I animated cameras for the 3d planes in 3ds Max. I also designed all the graphics and lower thirds which where comped by the compositing team.

"The Legend of Secret Pass" Feature Film

The Legend of Secret Pass is a full-length theatrical feature film that I was the co-editor on as well as the VFX Supervisor.

To the right I have some sequences that I cut. I also color corrected and did the DI for the entire film along with the main and end title designs.

You can see my opening title design by clicking on the "compositing" menu and looking at my compositing work.

"Fender Stratocaster" Documentary

This was a Promo I cut for the Stratocaster 50th Anniversary.

It had the full blessing of fender but never got the funding it needed to become the full 1 hour documentary the producers hoped it would be.